Requesting Your Own Continuance

The way a court date is set for a ticket you have received varies by jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions, the matter is assigned a court date at the time the ticket is written. (This means it is set on the court’s calendar which is called a “docket”) In other jurisdictions you must request a court date from the court if you wish to plead not guilty or have the ticket amended.

If you receive a ticket in Kansas City, Missouri (written by a Kansas City Missouri Police Officer) you may find information concerning your ticket and request a continuance on your own using the court’s website. The Kansas City Municipal Court is believed to be the first court in the United States offering online continuances. The system also is able to tell you whether or not your case has generated an arrest warrant.

You may access the online system at the Kansas City Municipal Court’s webpage located at

If you have received a ticket and need help obtaining a, please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with a no-charge initial consultation to discuss your options, and arrange to obtain a continuance if necessary.